Interview with Kanyaka Hariadi, Brand Manager of Kanmo Retail


Congratulations of the opening of Coach first flagship store in Bali! Could you describe a bit about the brand for our readers?

Thank you! Coach is an American luxury brand, known for its high quality leather and craftsmanship with a very fashionable design.

Tell us a bit about your background. Why did you choose this career path?

I graduated from college, majoring in International Politics and my curiosity in retail started for a big Spanish fashion brand entering Indonesia back in 2005. I joined the company, and never left retail business since then.

Fashion retail business is very exciting: you get an opportunity to grow a brand; you get to see how trend changes from season to season, and not to mention the traveling!

Could you tell us about one famous figure / celebrity you wish to meet, and which Coach product do you think would suits him / her (and the reason why)?

I’d love to meet Michele Obama! She has such a beautiful personality and very smart. I’d love to see her wearing one of our classic trench coats, carrying a nice, elegant, black Swagger bag, as it will truly emphasize her classic elegance yet fashionable style.

Name us three of your most favorite shopping destinations anywhere in the world (and the reason why)

For work, I travel a lot to New York, and have successfully grown fond of the city. I love spending afternoon in SoHo: streets full of cool boutiques, street wear brands, sneakers, and many cool multibrand store concepts. Second, Coach store, of course! Third: local Indonesian multi-brand stores, they have such a great collection.

What is your plan for Coach Bali in the future? What made you choose this island as another place to establish the brand’s flagship store??

We are very excited about the Coach opening in Bali. We strongly believe that Coach Beachwalk Bali will be a very successful store looking at the growth number of tourists, great mix of local & international tourists and the growing domestic/local market.

If you have to choose one favorite brand other than Coach, which one would you pick (and why)?

Coach!!!! I don’t mind a Chanel bag, though.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would still be working in retail: it’s what I know well and what I do best.

Do you have any particular hobby or interest you often do in between your daily activities? Please share a bit about it

I’m a devoted culinary enthusiast. I spend weekends trying out new restaurants, or simply going back to my favorite restaurants to dine, relax, and have more fun with family, friends.

How would you describe Coach brand in a sentence

The original American house of leather.

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