A Delightful Lunchtime at TENKAI

Showcasing Peru and Japan’s exquisite flavours and textures, TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant invites guests to savour a truly tasteful and unique merge of Peruvian and Japanese delicacies. With a commitment to satisfying the cravings of food enthusiasts, Tenkai now offers an enticing lunchtime with its delectable array of Nikkei dishes.

With a special selection of freshly made sushi, including Hotavichado Maki, Nigiri Harasukei, and other tantalising rolls, guests can watch in awe as the skilled chefs prepare their favourite sushi from the sushi bar.

To enhance the lunch session, Tenkai also offers an action-packed teppanyaki experience for the guests. The vibrant energy and skilful techniques employed by the teppanyaki chefs will add an extra element of excitement and entertainment to the lunchtime affair.

TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant
Padma Resort Legian
Lunch: 1PM – 5.15PM
Dinner: 6PM – 1PM

For more information, please contact:
Email: dining.legian@padmahotels.com
Whatsapp: +62 811 3821 9512