A New Trend in Bali: Ordering Home-Cooking Food Through www.bukapo.net

Last October 2020, a web-based platform www.bukapo.net was officially launched to help UMKM (home-based small business) in Bali. The purpose of this launching is to increase the sales of UMKM, especially in the home-based food business and to provide space for these home-based small businesses to appeal to a bigger market.

The founder/CEO of bukaPO, Olaf Purvis, stated that bukaPO was released as a platform to accommodate many people who have started selling home-cooking food due to the ongoing pandemic. Many restaurants and hotels are temporarily closed therefore it has forced them to reduce salaries and even lay off some of their employees. In order to survive, those people have decided to start selling home-cooking food. bukaPO is designed to facilitate these UMKM and help them to market their products better. The concept of bukaPO is a pre-order system that allows UMKM who do not have enough capital to keep working and earn some money. UMKM can register their products for free and food photography will also be taken by bukaPO without paying anything. As for the delivery system, bukaPO is partnering with a courier company who employs people who lost their jobs because of covid-19 pandemic. 

At bukaPO, the food ordering system is made at least one day before the delivery date and customers can order for up to a month ahead. Customers can also order food from several different vendors in just one time transaction.

About more than two months since the opening of bukaPO, more than 125 UMKM have joined the platform with 400 types of food and beverages, and this number is increasing every day.

Besides assisting in promoting the products from these UMKM, bukaPO offers a weekly discount up to 50% -70% where the discount is subsidized by bukaPO.  The foods in bukaPO have restaurant’s food quality. During the two months of its existence, bukaPO has sold more than 6,000 portions of food.

It is hoped that with the presence of bukaPO, UMKM can support themselves and their families for a better life. So let’s help UMKM (home-based small business) in Bali by ordering their delicious home-cooking food through www.bukapo.net

For further information, please contact:

Email: info@bukapo.net

Tel. +62 361 895 7791