A Special Collaboration at Izakaya by OKU to Celebrate Japanese Emperor’s Birthday  

Another wonderful collaboration is coming to The Apurva Kempinski Bali at the signature Japanese venue Izakaya by OKU. The upcoming event is geared to celebrating the Japanese Emperor’s birthday, from 23 to 25 February 2022. The event will feature the creations of three Japanese guest talents, who have been making their names known in Bali’s Japanese community.

Chef Hashimoto Soji and Chef Hatanaka Hirotake, the two Japanese chefs who collaborated with the restaurant last year, will be returning to Izakaya by OKU. Joining them this time is Nishi Yuji, who is known for his meticulous Japanese cocktail creations. They have all been living on the island, and have long years of experience under their belt to perfect their craft. Through this collaboration, they will showcase the real home-style food of Japan, not the altered version that has been modified for international taste.

Together with the talented chefs of Izakaya by OKU, led by Chef Budi and Chef Komang, they have curated a three-course experience, complete with Japanese cocktails for an immersive dining experience. The event will give guests the chance to enjoy the beloved home-cooked Japanese food, in the luxurious ambience of Izakaya by OKU. The restaurant offers a bistro-chic setting and an interactive open-kitchen dining experience, where guests and the chefs are able to interact, adding to the sense of fun and enjoyment.

The special Japanese Emperor celebration is available from IDR 500,000 nett per person. The menu is able to be explored here. For further information and reservation, please call +62 81138 209541 or email restaurants.bali@kempinski.com.