Adrian Reed of Motel Mexicola Gives Back To Bali Community with Thrive House

170614_Adrian_Sponsorship Thrive House Bali-1In recent years, the owner of Motel Mexicola and Da Maria, Adrian Reed channelled his focus towards some amazing community initiatives that are making a genuine difference to lives of hundreds of people and putting back into the culture he so loves. Thus, he established the Indo Thrive Project; a foundation set up to assist the disadvantaged in the Indonesian community to thrive and prosper. He just recently purchased a 24-room; high-end apartment building attached to the Sanglah Hospital, which was originally designed as accommodation for doctors and converting this to become ‘Thrive House’, a place to temporarily house families with terminally ill children. Currently, Adrian is putting together a sponsorship program and fundraising that will see the first 24 families offered rooms by the opening date of July 1st. The families are given time frames and psychiatric support for their stays and their eligibility is determined by case-by-case advice directly from a doctor at the cancer ward of the hospital.