AirAsia Opens New Routes

AirAsia X Indonesia (flight code XT) offers free seats for route that connect Mumbai, India with Bali meanwhile AirAsia Indonesia (Flight code QZ) added Macau to their international destination portfolio by opening direct flight from Jakarta to special administrative region at Southern China archipelago, which marks the first direct flight AirAsia Indonesia to China. The flight of AirAsia X Indonesia from Bali to Mumbai will operate from May 19th 2017 seven times a week through 377 seats Airbus A330-300, with 65 minutes transit time at Kuala Lumpur in between the flight. For Macau route, AirAsia Indonesia will start operating on August 7th 2017 with 3 flights a week which soon will increase to 4 times a week per September 1st 2017 on their 180 seats Airbus A320-200 units. To ensure their commitment in supporting the tourism sector, AirAsia just recently announced the launching of two new flight routes to be operated by their affiliation in Indonesia.