Alexandra Ancilla Area Director of Marketing Communications Legian Hotel Management (The Legian Seminyak, Bali / The Legian Sire, Lombok)

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Marketing communications and hospitality has been my lifelong passion. I love doing what I do mostly because I get to meet new people – lots of new and interesting people! It is always refreshing to able to explore and immerse yourself in different perspective and ideas from the people around you.


When youre at work, what puts a smile on your face?

When I arrive at work and my colleagues greet me with a simple good morning and a genuine smile on their face. Oh, and freshly brewed coffee! ?


Tell us about the latest update from The Legian Seminyak, Bali and The Legian Sire, Lombok

2020 will be an exciting year for both The Legian properties; The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak, Bali will by presenting a four hands degustation dinner in collaboration with Jakartas renowned French fine dining restaurant, Amuz. And of course we are anticipating the opening of our new Lombok baby, The Legian Sire, Lombok, by Q2 next year. Stay tuned!


What are the most challenging issues you are facing on your current job?

I have always worked in international hotel chains and working at LHM is my first experience in an independent hotel chain. In international chains, hotels receive guidance and brand standards from the corporate team. In LHM, as an independent hotel chain, the challenge here is that we are responsible in creating our own brand standards and making sure that it is of high quality and five star standards.


What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is that I am an observant person (sometimes too observant?) and I have great attention to detail. My weakness is that I am so not a morning person ☹


What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

“Your dogs are so cute!” lol


Can you share tips for women who would like to follow the same career path?

Be confident and trust in yourself (and your gut), always. Explore yourself, the people around you, and the opportunities. Most importantly, have fun along the way!


What do you do for fun during your day off?

Catching up on all my favorite TV series with my two dogs next to me


If you had to live without Internet for a week, what would you do to keep yourself busy?

I would die