On his instagram account, Andre Yoga listed himself as ‘freelance artist’, but a brief glance at his post is enough to point out that he is more than just that.
As a painter, Andre Yoga’s art is heavily correlated with other form of art, such as music. He has been drawing sketches since back in high school, and start taking a serious step in painting back in 2013. He admit that music influence his art in significant way. His creativity and idea can be ignited from anything, ranging from magazine, social media, to surrounding environment.




Andre Yoga’s painting and sketches are based on characters, whether it is fantastical or realistic figures with obvious choice of black and grey palettes. It creates a somewhat surrealist vibrant that emits from his creation. The Denpasar-born lad is blessed with a distinctive talent and taste in drawing. His advanced approach to create ultra-detailed sketches is based on several techniques such as pointillism, dotwork, and other more conventional methods.
For now, Yoga is still continue to showcase his art through collective exhibition while pursuing his dream to have his own outside of Indonesia, exploring the history and art of other countries.



Text by: Billy Bagus