Andre Yoga’s Exhibition at Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dining Bar


_DSC5086Art has always become a main part in every form in Japan. It covers a wide range of style and media including pottery, sculpture, and even food. Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dinning Bar as one of the most favorite Japanese restaurants on the island perfectly blends the art of Japanese into its interior and food presentation. Embracing the love of art, this teppanyaki restaurant is hosting their first art exhibition featuring Andre Yoga, the man behind their iconic Raijin God’s mural.

_DSC5165Andre Yoga has been drawing and sketching since his early age and started to take seriously further steps in 2013. He said that music, books, and fantasy are things that influence his works – mostly surrealist character in black and grey palette. He uses the technique of pointillism, dot to dots, and other methods.

_DSC5114Exclusively for  Rayjin, Andre is taking his works to a higher level using woods and laser as the main tools to showcasing his talent. The exhibition starts since 23rd of September until 23rd October 2017.