Interview with Dewi Karmawan, Director of Public Relations & Marketing Communications of InterContinental Bali Resort


Could you please tell us a bit about yourself….

I am an outgoing person, friendly, love travelling and shopping, and have 2 children.

What does a public relation mean to you? Why do you want to get into this profession?

PR is more than establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with a client and its publics. PR creates isolates and develops ideas that elicit either a behaviour or attitude. I love this profession because I like meeting people and lobbying people as well as make friends with others.

How would you define a thought of leadership?

Leadership is about being service to others, not being served by others and also being a mentor, not a boss.

In what direction do you see the public relations industry heading?

Public Relations are heading to digital. Unlike before, PR was only done in traditional way but nowadays social media is changing the face of PR. Nevertheless, the job of a PR remains the same.

What are the most important things to have in order to be a successful public relation?

Not only to have a pleasant, smart personality and an open-mind, but also you need to be creative and good in communication.

What are your strength and weakness?

Strength: friendly, outgoing, straightforward, flexible (easy to adapt), and perfectionist.

Weakness: a bit of short temper, easy to get bored, and overthinking.

 What is your goal?

To be successful in my current role and have a life balance.

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