Funky Chill & Grill



If you stroll along Kayu Aya Street, you might notice a place with open wooden terrace facing toward the street called Char Char Bar & Grill.

As an eatery, Char Char Bar & Grill comes with a distinctive concept. The two-story restaurant consists of indoor dining room on the first level and semi outdoor space with retractable roof on its second level. The terrace is a wonderful place to hangout and watch activities on the street below while sipping one or two glasses of good drinks.

The food at Char Char Bar & Grill is definitely a must try. They serve Asia-Pacific fusion lunch-to-dinner menu with style, taste and overall goodness. For a starter, grilled eggplant is a good appetite booster. The eggplants are topped with mozzarella cheese and served with fresh rucola leaves. Then you should try the unique Chili beef Australian wagyu p rump for your main course. It is a signature dish that combines tender Australian wagyu beef and crunchy-spicy rump.

Cake lovers should dig into Char Char’s lemon tart, which is made from semi frozen curb mousse that blends natural lemon taste with hint of coconut, and served with toasted meringue, chocolate sauce and biscuit on the top. This crunchy and sweet treat is recommended to close your pleasant dining session.


Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak

Tel. +62 361 738 720