Interview with Chef Desyanto Nugroho, Chef Patron


How long have you been cooking professionally?

More than 20 years

Where did you learn how to cook?

From my mom. She taught me basic cooking knowledge when I was a kid. She also brought me to traditional market & taught me how to choose the best ingredients.

After high school I went to Indonesia Tourism Academy Semarang, Central Java – Indonesia, and chose Cooking as my major.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

My Style of cooking is always cooking with love and respect all the ingredients, and the food I create has to be tasty, fresh and simple. In other words ….It’s Me on a Plate.

Tell us about your new restaurant

CHOP Steakhouse by Chef Des serves spectacular cuts of prime meats and an unmistakably classy ambiance of Manhattan vibe and big apple atmosphere. Each Steak is seared to perfection, finished with our signature sauces that will bring back memory to the city called by the capitol of the world.

CHOP Steakhouse by Chef Des served halal food ( no pork contain & alcohol ).

Do you have a “signature dish” or favorite dish you enjoy cooking?

Our signature dish is Wagyu Meltique Beef Platter & Butcher Steak.

What is your most interesting or fun experience since you’ve been selected as the first winner of Top Chef Indonesia?

I met the best contestants at Top Chef Indonesia. They are skillful, have different technique and perspective. Every day we compete but at the same time we also enrich our knowledge about cooking technique and method. I learnt a lot on that competition but at the same time I had fun with them.

What do you do for fun during your days off?

I love cooking for my lovely wife, spend precious time with her mostly at home.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A successful Chef Patron of strong and reputable brand.

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