I recall years ago when waking-up in the morning on this island was much simpler than today; have breakfast, take a shower, grab any clean clothes available and set to go seize the day. But that was history! Now, things are changed and you better be damn sure you dress nicely and trendy wherever you go otherwise you will be judged.

Few months ago I bumped into a friend and I was shocked—no, not because he looked terrible, but because he wore a suit to a wine dinner. Seriously! Do we really need to wear suit in Bali? A tropical destination where beaches are the main attraction and buildings are shorter than coconut tree? Don’t you think this is a bit too much?

I guess internet technology, which creates a borderless world of information, has its own way to influence people in following fashion trend to the point that sometimes it’s beyond logical thinking. A woman went to the beach party wearing branded high heels or people purchased branded fashion stuffs and paid them with installment, are all these things make sense to you?

Certainly there is nothing wrong to follow specific trends or spend money for branded items but should we sacrifice our comfort in the process? Especially when you did all these just to gain attention. Yet bafflingly, people don’t mind putting themselves on uncomfortable condition every single day just to visually impress others.

Oh, come on.

The more we trapped to this “trend following era” the more we pay attention and make comments of what others are wearing. This, while seems to be so much fun to do as long as we are not being the subject, has made a more grim implication to social culture aspect in larger picture. Bali, as a place of freedom in self-expression has slowly become in-par with any other big cities where look and outfit becomes over-essential and certainly that’s not the reason we love the island at the first place.

Trend and fashion should be followed only if they are not interfering with our positive way of life and certainly should not hindrance the way we live it. But then again it’s just a point of view. Whether right or wrong, I’ll let you be the judge, but one thing I hope is this ‘dressed’ issue did not eventually ‘kills’ us and the island.



Article by: Anonymous.