The Art Frontier: Gaya Art Space


Since the beginning, Gaya Art Space has been so passionate to become the forefront of Indonesian art scene development. Some of Indonesian artist has gained worldwide recognition through their exhibition at this art space. Some of the noteworthy exhibitions including the 35-meter bamboo zeppelin, the show that sent Made Wianta to the 2003 Venice Biennale, the first year since 1964 that Indonesia was represented at the world’s premiere visual art event. Video Spa, a visual art that was filmed at and developed for an exhibition in Gaya Art Space, have been featured in over fifty different international magazines and all the Indonesian media.

Gaya Art Space expresses their dedication by reinvesting all profits into exhibitions, and continuing their efforts to establish an artist-gallery culture that creates a true collaboration and allows the artist to make a living off his art.

krsina-murti-video-spa-installation-2005-copy heri-dono-tarzan-today-acrylic-on-canvas-200-x-150-cm-2008-copy

Gaya Fusion

Jalan Raya Sayan, Ubud

  1. +62 361 979 252 / 979253