Atelier 5, One of The Newest Cafes In Canggu

The name of ‘Atelier 5’ is a testament to our patisserie’s utmost effort in delivering exquisite creations for every guest. Atelier means ‘workshop’, and 5-aside taken from the number of our actual Address, refers to the senses that elaborate the beautiful process, product and people behind the scene; smell, taste, sound, sight and taste. Imagine the pleasant buttery scent of a fresh-baked croissant, the satisfying audible sound when you cut that crunchy viennoiserie, the splendid sight of vibrant chocolate bites & the smooth texture of a crisp macaroon.

From sweet goodness to savoury cakes with roasted salads, this out-of-the-box approach is focused on pleasing every guest palates while intriguing their senses and curiosity. Secluded tucked at the back of Vincent Nigita Patisserie Shop, Atelier 5’s vibe will immediately remind you of a classic ‘Café de Paris’.

The magnificent interior was designed with an eclectic touch of muted pastel colours to embrace the warm, chic, and relaxing ambience for our beloved visitors. Cherish your morning or afternoon moment in a breezy garden while embracing the uninterrupted view of Berawa, Canggu’s enticing ride paddy field. Get inspired and share good moments with one another with a cup of tea and a portion of handmade artisan pastry.