Ayodya Resort Bali appoints Agus Salim as chef de partie in charge of its Seaside Lagoona Restaurant


The 537-room and suite Ayodya Resort Bali has welcomed Agus Salim, one of Indonesia’s most experienced and talented chefs, to assume the role of chef de partie at its popular beachside Lagoona Restaurant.

Originally from Java and educated at Bali’s best Tourism Academy, Agus has over 25-years of experience acquired in Indonesia and abroad working at leading hotels and restaurants. Over the years, he has acquired and honed his skills as a chocolatier, pastry chef, baker, line cook, banquet chef, and executive chef at leading establishments in Surabaya, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bali. Leading, well-respected brands feature prominently in Agus’s professional resume documenting how he has shared his culinary expertise at, among others, Mandarin Oriental, Le Meridian, Hard Rock Hotels, and Mozaic in Bali.

To celebrate his arrival at the Ayodya Resort Bali and The Lagoona Restaurant, on Friday, April 26, 2019, Agus Salim created an exclusive menu presented to 16 leading media members in Bali. Showcasing great creativity and his commitment to using only the finest ingredients, members of the press were mesmerized as Agus presented course-after-course of paired premium wines served with Asian Bouillabaisse, fresh-caught crabs and garden-fresh avocado, young broiler chicken cooked in a truffle-mushroom sauce, aged Australian Black Angus Sirloin, and a home-made coconut-sirsak-basil ice cream complemented by Balinese jack fruit.