Baby Turtle Release at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali

On 5 June 2019, The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali celebrated Eid al-Fitr in a different way. In collaboration with Bali Sea Turtle Society, 100 baby turtles were released on the beach in front of Sands Restaurant at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali to make their way to the ocean.

The turtle release started at 4pm with Mr. I Gusti Ngurah Tresna from Bali Sea Turtle Society sharing some interesting turtle facts and information on how we can help conserve turtles.

“We live on an island where beauty is provided by Mother Nature. We need to support conservation and ensure that our children will be able to see what we can see now. In our turtle conservation project, the team relocates sea turtle eggs from the beach to a central hatchery to protect the eggs and improve hatching rates. The eggs take between 45-60 days to develop and hatch,” said Mr. Tresna.

The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali is fully committed to the care and protection of turtles in Bali and is pleased to share this experience and create lasting holiday memories with resort guests.