Balinese Art Ambassador: Ida Bagus Alit

Born 1 September 1947 in rural Denpasar to a well known Brahmin high caste family, Ida Bagus Alit, or simply known as ‘Gus Alit’ is an all-round artist at best. His initial childhood inspiration came from his father, Ida Bagus Agung, who was also an artist. Gus Alit has achieved numerous awards and held several art exhibition in Bali, indonesia and abroad. His wood carvings come in abstract and figurative manners, a fusion of the timber’s rich natural rhythm intertwined with faces and figures.

Gus Alit passions in art are not limited by certain types. Besides wood carving, he also excels in photography and painting. Gus Alit is known as a long-serving president of B.I.A.S.A (Bali Indonesia Sculptors Association) and B.A.P.A (Bali Artist Painters Association). He remains as one of the most respected Balinese art ambassadors and a mentor for young talented artist around the island