Beach Combing Cows; A Unique Social  Operation by InterContinental Bali Resort


Beach Combing Cows at InterContinental Bali ResortIf you happen to be walking along the magnificent golden sands of Jimbaran Beach in the early morning, you might witness the enchanting sight of a pair of Balinese cows harnessed to a large metal rake and treading the beach. The cows are part of a small herd of nine belonging to InterContinental Bali Resort. Every morning at 6am, guided by one of the Resort’s gardeners, the cows take it in turns to tidy the beach using a modified rake especially designed for the purpose of combing the sand from trash and other kinds of debris. Eco awareness and environmental sustainability are core values guiding InterContinental Bali Resort’s operations. With this activity, the resort hopes to increase awareness for the importance of a clean, healthy environment and maintain the beauty of Bali’s natural beaches.