Budiasa Art Gallery

Woodcarvings for the World: Budiasa Art Gallery


Balinese people are amongst those who are blessed with raw talents in art, from painting, sculpting, carving, and many more. The most well known region known to produce the best woodcarver on the island is Mas village, Ubud. There are certain factors that made Mas village are so famous for their talented woodcarvers, and one of them is Budiasa Art Gallery.


Built by a prolific woodcarver Made Budiasa, Budiasa Art Gallery simply exists to support the woodcarvers of Mas village and its surrounding areas so they can easily distribute and sell their handicrafts. Before the gallery was established, most of the carvings were marketed through then only art shop located in Denpasar. It took times and lots of effort just to make a handful of profit on that era.


Nowadays, Budiasa Art Gallery has become one of the main distributors of Mas village woodcarvings through three of their galleries. Here you can see their main gallery in Mas village, filled with quality woodcarvings of certain figures, from religious, nature to pop culture icon. Many of those carvings have been sold abroad as well, and has gain considerable amount of buyers from countries around the globe.