bukaPO Empowers Women 

bukaPO is the only pre-order web-based platform that facilitates UMK (home-based small business) in Bali. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the number of home-based cooking business have increase significantly and bukaPO is the platform to accommodate many people who have started selling home-cooking food due to this ongoing pandemic.


The co-founder of bukaPO, Lanny Manullang-Sahanaya explains that bukaPO is empowering women in many ways. After a few months since the platform was launched in October, approximately 80% of the vendors in bukaPO are women. Many of them either lost their jobs or are forced to take unpaid leaves. Besides, some of them are just housewives whose husbands either got their salaries cut because of this pandemic or even got laid off. They thought that to survive and earn more income, they needed to do something based on their expertise, which in this case is cooking and then decided to open up a home-based small business. It takes not only hard work but also passion and courage to run this small business. So bukaPO is also able to assist and encourage women who have a passion for cooking, in which their own creation can be sold through this platform while at the same time help the family economy.


We at bukaPO can assist their needs and indeed make their life easier. What they do is just prepare the food as ordered. Deliveries and payments are all arranged by bukaPO.


At bukaPO, the food ordering system is made at least one day before the delivery date and customers can order for up to a month ahead. Customers can also order food from several different vendors in just one time transaction.

For further information, please contact:

Email: info@bukapo.net

Tel. +62 361 895 7791