Capture the Nature: Passion of Pandu Adnyana

The beauty of Bali Island can easily ignite one’s passion and inspire them to start a lifelong creative journey, such as the story of Pandu Adnyana. Made Pandu Wira Adnyana has a longtime passion in the field of art. He graduated from college with a degree in product design and has worked as a graphic designer ever since. One day, while reading a travel magazine, he was captivated by the beauty of Bali panorama encased in one of the articles, and decided to pursue his career as a professional landscape photographer.

Agung-Mount-View-from-Jatiluwih_As a passionate person, Pandu loves to learn new things. He bought his first semi-pro camera in 2007 and learned how to operate it by himself, using internet as his teacher. He sets up an idea before every execution, but often times he just goes with the flow, choosing his subjects based on his accordance of unique foreground, pattern or motion. During his career, Pandu Adnyana has held several exhibitions, such as the recent Tri Hita Karana Photography Exhibition at Conrad and wins a handful of awards.

Pandu believes that having a talent is great. However, keeping the passion is important, so he always takes his job as a hobby, doing it with pure joy and happiness.