Celebrate 30 Years of Bali’s Distinctive Resort  At The Laguna, A Luxury Collection 

Three decades ago, The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort &  Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali opened its gates to present a paradise that promised panoramic views of the Indian  Ocean and Balinese hospitality. Since opening, the beachfront resort has accomplished many of its  promises, enhanced with all the uniqueness that makes The Laguna a perfect destination still today. In  honor of the thirty years of luxurious and indigenous experiences served, The Laguna invites guests to  celebrate this milestone anniversary by reminiscing on the beauty of paradise in the resort.

“It’s a real honor to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa,  together with our guests and associates. I’ve been working in the resort for over 5 years, and it is such  a privilege to witness this milestone and how far we have come as a team. We are transforming the  resort and looking forward to creating more memorable experiences for our guests, giving them the  opportunity to explore our distinctive resort and what Bali has to offer,” shared Lucia Liu, General  Manager of The Laguna, a Luxury Collection.

The resort was inaugurated on 16 December 1991 under the name Sheraton Lagoon Resort Bali by ITT  Sheraton Corporation. After several rebrandings, it was finally named The Laguna, a Luxury Collection  Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali, part of The Luxury Collection portfolio. On 23 September 2016, it was acquired by Marriott International.

Every associate has been an integral part of the resort’s growth and success, and 107 associates have worked continually at the resort since the pre-opening. The resort has also witnessed plenty of professional developments from past team members, who are still party of the family even though they  are not at The Laguna anymore.

The Laguna is currently on a transformational journey to enhance future service and experiences, while  preserving its soul and gracefully blending past, present and future to create a destination that remains timeless and authentic. For global explorers who have a taste for refined luxury, The Laguna, a Luxury  Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali is an iconic destination resort that curates enriching experiences  through its majestic facilities and beach location, inspirational indigenous cuisine, and services with  expert local knowledge.

The design of the rooms is inspired by the collective stories and traditions of Bali. The Saput Poleng, a  woven black-and-white checkered textile draped over statues and worn by people in ceremonies, is part  of the inspiration, as evident from the color tone and materials in the room. Local artisans and craftsmanship are also key elements that can be found in joinery details. Inspired by The Luxury  Collection values – embarking on journeys to the most exciting destinations and collecting inspiring  stories of travels – design elements of leather detailing from a suitcase and nautical features such as  lamps and ropes are apparent in the rooms.

The restoration of The Laguna Bali Resort & Spa will expand the demographic market to the new  generation explorers, embracing heritage yet providing contemporary comfort and functionality.

Join in the adventure yourself and unleash the hidden treasures from the resort for you and your loved  ones when visiting Bali’s distinctive resort. To stay during this celebratory time and discover more of  The Laguna’s special news, please visit thelagunabali.com.