Chicken Katsu Curry Rice at

This week, bukaPO presents BTS (Bukapo Terus Sale) from 5- 12 July 2021. There are numerous choices you can order and one of the must-try food is Chicken Katsu Curry Rice.  It’s a bowl of rice topped with slices of chicken katsu (breaded chicken breast fillet). Boiled and sauteed carrots, potatoes and champignon mushrooms are added to the curry sauce. The Japanese curry is an adaptation from the strong, flavorful and famous Indian curry, but it is made intentionally milder version to fit the appetite of most Japanese people who are usually have little tolerance to “too spicy” dishes. To order, just click is a web-based  platform where everyone can order home cooking food and drink products online. At bukaPO, the food ordering system is made at least one day before the delivery date and customers can order for up to a month ahead. Customers can also order food from several different vendors in just one time transaction. There are more than 160 UMKM have joined the platform with more than 700 types of food and beverages.

So let’s help UMKM (home-based small business) in Bali by ordering their delicious home-cooking food through