Cioccolato at Ettore Gelato

Located in Pantai Pererenan, Canggu, Ettero Gelato is an artisanal gelato brand serving  the finest rendition of Italian cold-sweet delight in Bali. The gelato is made using local ingredients and combined with an authentic Italian recipe with a twist. For Ettore,  Bali provides more than enough natural ingredients to create wide arrays of gelato creations. Some of the freshest raw ingredients such as vanilla, cocoa, passion fruit, strawberry and mangos are carefully combined and concocted into batches of amazing flavors. Taking a different approach from mainstream parlors, Ettore Gelato is actually created with health and well-being in mind. Each flavor has low sugar content and contains natural fibers that enrich the nutrients in the gelato. All prepared in a way that maximizes the original creaminess and authentic taste. Amongst a plethora of refreshing variants, Salted Caramel & Honeycomb is one of the most sought out flavors to try. 

There are currently 60 flavors created by Ettore himself, and this number will only increase in the future. Not just a simple ‘gelato-on-a-cup/cone’, Ettore also provides several variants of the cold refresher to accommodate the customer’s own personal taste. From fruity Sorbets, Variegato which adds crunchy toppings or sauces on the delicious gelato, Oat Milk-based selections for vegan, to Gelato Cookie and Cakes.