Cliff at Canna is Now Open

Opened on October 1, 2022, Cliff at Canna is unlike any other restaurant in Nusa Dua in particular or even in Bali in general. The restaurant opens from Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 11 PM. “Our restaurant offers more than just a compact selection of high-quality food and beverages; here, guests can enjoy a romantic and scenic ambiance while taking in the awe-inspiring view of the sand and sea through the floor-to-ceiling windows,” enthuses founder Chef Chandra Yudasswara.  He adds, “Whether it’s at the lounge or the mezzanine, guests can enjoy on our tasty tapas as well as our outstanding wine selection, which I can confidently say is simply the best and most diverse and versatile among restaurants in Bali, while being entertained by acoustic sets, musical ensembles or piano performances that will surely enhance their dining experience.”

Aside from its impressive and highly accommodating wine selection, Cliff at Canna’s seasonal approach to its menu is also what makes the restaurant a cut above the rest. “Our menu is designed for three different seasons, which means that we change it up every four months,” explains Chef Chandra. “For the October to December 2022 season, guests can expect a lot of set menus with a contemporary taste palate. Rest assured, whether we serve Asian or Western food, our menu is only made with premium and high-quality ingredients and presented as beautifully as possible.”

This ethos also applies to Cliff at Canna’s rotating roster of guest chefs. “Every month, we welcome guest chefs to keep our menu fresh and appetizing. For the month of October 2022, we will welcome a host of young and talented Indonesian chefs who have cut their teeth in the industry since a very young age and proven their skills and expertise by winning many national and international competitions,” notes Chef Chandra. 

Not just settling with offering an outstanding dining experience, Cliff at Canna strives to satisfy its guests’ taste, appetite and senses in every way possible and make their visit to the magical island of Bali all the more memorable and unforgettable.