Collage Art : Nova Kusuma

To see something different from one thing that is already complete, is a pretty hard thing to do. To create something different from it needs a sharp eye, steady hand, creativity, imagination and an open mind. Nova Kusuma is a 22 year-old boy who has it all. He has been creating art since a very young age and began to find his passion on collage art when he was still in high school. For this young boy, collage art is like cutting a history to create a new story.


People are drowning to his style, his attention to detail and the way he doesn’t hesitate to remix the world around him. The creative process starts with music which he thinks that music has its own power to inject his brain with ideas and perspectives. Music turns out loud and he’d get his hands on few magazines and starts to cut shapes randomly. He puts every shape into one place and start layering where they shouldn’t, creating a surreal work. Not only music; punk zine, movies, people and society are the common things that inspired him. His art mostly talks about social and politic issues, well-combined with his own critical minds.


For Nova, art is an important thing that people would never go along without it. It is everywhere and affecting every aspect of human live. Art isn’t just a beauty for people to feel enjoy but also a form of resistance; art is a weapon.