COMO Shambhala Estate Introduces The New Wellness Programme and Wellness Manager

As the flagship wellness retreat of COMO Hotels and Resorts and the pioneer of wellbeing destinations in Bali, COMO Shambhala Estate has been widely known to offer a holistic approach to health for its rejuvenating programmes. Recently, the Estate launched its new Integrated Wellness Programme, a personalised offer with expert consultation, nutritional guidance, daily wellness treatments and access to all group wellness activities led by the newly appointed Wellness Manager and Ayurvedic Consultant, Prasanth Vayanakathu. 

The Integrated Wellness Programme is designed for those looking for a bespoke programme adjusted to personal needs, which can range from stress management to rejuvenation and more. Guests can build their own experience following a consultation with the Estates wellness expert, who will suggest a nutritional plan, schedule of therapies and wellness activities. Programmes can include yoga, Pilates, meditation, rice field walks, massage and body care treatments, supported by healthful COMO Shambhala Cuisine. Guest will leave COMO Shambhala Estate relaxed and inspired, with actionable advice to continue their wellness journey at home. 

Integrated Wellness Programme include: 

  •  Private consultations with a COMO Shambhala wellness expert (one every seven nights) 
  •  Individual treatment plan including a suggested eating plan and wellness activities schedule for the duration of stay 
  •  One wellness treatment per day 
  •  Access to our daily schedule of activities 
  •  Accommodation in tranquil rooms, suites, villas and residences 
  •  Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner 
  •  The services of a personal assistant 

About Prasanth Vayanakathu: Prasanth graduated from Mangalore University, India with a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences and has been conducting consultations in Ayurveda and Stress Management for the last 25 years. Prasanth uses his Integrative Medicine concept based mostly on Ayurvedic science combined with Naturopathy, and Yoga to create comprehensive wellness programmes for detox, rejuvenation, relaxation, and de-stressing. Ayurvedic medical science’s unique approach is specific to an individual’s constitution and treats through a medicinal lifestyle, Ayurvedic nutrition, body therapies, Yoga & herbal medicines.