Conrad Bali Unveils Sustainable Meeting Package 

Conrad Bali has announced the launch of its new sustainable meeting package, in conjunction with Earth Hour, which offers meeting planners an eco-friendly option when booking their next event. As part of the sustainable meeting package, guests can choose to have a carbon-neutral meeting by offsetting the carbon emissions generated during their meeting through a reputable carbon offset program. Meeting planners can trust that choosing Conrad Bali for their event will have a measurable, science-backed impact, as Hilton has a history of setting specific and measurable environmental goals that drive sustainable operations and create business efficiencies. This commitment to sustainability is aligned with Hilton’s wider ESG strategy, making Conrad Bali a meaningful choice for those seeking to host eco- friendly meetings.

Not only contributing to sustainability efforts, meeting participants can also enjoy locally sourced food options through the “producer-to-plate” program, which includes innovative plant-based alternatives, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. During coffee breaks, guests can indulge in refreshments made with 100% Bali-sourced ingredients, supporting local farmers and minimizing carbon emissions associated with transportation. The Scholars to Sustenance program facilitates excess food donations, giving guests the chance to help reduce food waste and provide nutritious meals to those in need, supporting the local community. The sustainable meeting package also includes activities such as planting mangroves, and cooking and packing meals at the SOS Kitchen, providing meeting planners with a unique and meaningful opportunity to contribute to sustainability efforts. To craft this experience, Conrad Bali has also partnered with Zero Waste, Bye Bye Plastic Bag, a youth-driven non-governmental organization working towards a plastic-free world.

“Conrad Bali is committed to driving positive change through our sustainable initiatives. We wish to provide our guests with meaningful experiences that drive positive impact while discovering the beauty of Bali,” shared Kevin Girard, General Manager. “Through the launch of this sustainable meeting package, we seek to inspire more people to make a difference. We look forward to welcoming our guests and working together towards a net-zero future.”

“We are excited to have worked with Conrad Bali to create a sustainable meeting package that demonstrates how small changes can have a big impact,” said Nila Patty, Head of Research & Education at Zero Waste Indonesia. “By encouraging eco-friendly practices in this meeting package, we hope to show that sustainability is a lifestyle that can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives.”