The Dynamic Heritage – Batuan Paintings at Griya Art Gallery


The Dynamic Heritage – Batuan Painting is the latest exhibition presented by Griya Art Gallery recently. The exhibition showcases the creative achievements of twelve Batuan painters from various generations, born in the 60s until 90s era. The painters in Batuan have developed a classic style of painting, which has become distinctly their own uniqueness. Since 1920s, supplemented with new materials, new techniques and divergent sources of inspiration, they eagerly explore the field of art and enthusiastically express their own innate beliefs into a secular world, visualized in their completely unique style.


These twelve artists including Wayan Budiarta, Pande Dwi Arta, Wayan Aris Sarmanta, Gede Widiantara, Wayan Eka Suamba, Dewa Virayuga Made Kariana, Made Griyawan, Nyoman Sudirga, Wayan Diana, Made Sujendra and Ketut Sadia, show different levels of creative tendency, both from thematic and artistic perspective, but confined to the basic art techniques of the existing Batuan style. The artworks show Batuan style, both in terms of technique and esthetic, as a “language” to describe the many issues encountered by people today (contemporary) from those related to nature, political noise up to personal expression.  Both themes and mediums used in Batuan paintings have evolved over the past 100 years, maintaining their position as a leading style of Balinese art. This exhibition shows the public that traditional painting art is not a rigid and final achievement. The tradition must be continually learned, explored, and developed into various dynamic possibilities.