Embracing The New Normal with The Mulia Resort and Villas

As the world comes to rest and everyone is keeping safe in their own homes; Mulia Bali Management team is working restlessly from the shores of the Island of the gods, to put in place elevated Safety & Sanitation Protocols for the resort. Embracing to the New Normal and safe travel, the resort is adhering to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to provide visitors with Peace of Mind When the world is ready to travel again.

Business as Usual & Preventive Measures


Mulia Bali still remains in operation and in the current climate of uncertainty surrounding travel, Mulia understands that Health-Safety-Security (well-being) are the three most important factors and the main emphasis on the Resort’s new stringent Mulia Safety and Sanitation protocols.

From very early on at the end January, Mulia employees have been continuously updated with important information related to Covid -19 and provided with the knowledge on the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness. Washing of hands and usage of masks and gloves is reminded through multiple channels including daily briefings as well as signage in all key employee areas. Other highlights include the significance of high sanitary levels by increasing of the frequency on cleaning and sanitizing of all common public areas in the resort as well as high touch point areas such as guests rooms, elevators, door handles, railings, restaurants and kitchens using international standard disinfectants and the use of Electrostatic Machines when high intense disinfection is needed, and much more.

A Warm Welcome Back to Paradise


Mulia Bali is committed in providing the best experience to all guests by always welcoming world travelers and diners alike to our resort with distinguished warm Balinese hospitality. With the new normal, guests need not to worry about seeing any striking change as Balinese tradition embraces touch-less greetings and the resort is designed adopting Balinese architecture principle with open space areas so that guests can fully enjoy the tropical ambiance, thus limiting the necessity to touch many surfaces and doors. All guests will still experience the same impeccable service and world-class products that you can expect from Mulia.

Stay with Comfort

Upon arriving in the resort, all incoming luggage is sanitized prior to entering the resort area and guests’ body temperature will be scanned by a thermal scanner. Mulia’s staffs are required to wear masks at all times with a strict practice on self-hygiene. Implementation of safe distancing in public areas is also in place, including protective screens on information/service desks as well as a limited capacity per vehicle when it comes to transfer services. Sanitized stationeries are provided for guests upon registration. Hand sanitizers would be something guests will conveniently find across the resort with high visibility, and additional room amenities such as mask and sanitizer will also be available, including an adaption of low touch approach wherever possible during the stay experience.

A Refreshing Experience with Wellness in Mind

Mulia will also extend an enriched program and menus with an emphasis on wellness and immune boosting to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. Mulia’s state-of-the-art gym will be practicing social distancing on all programs as well as daily deep clean on all equipment usage and sanitized with medical grade disinfecting solution containing 70% alcohol after each usage. Outdoor fitness program will be encouraged with great options for a safer and more fun exercise experience. All pools and tubs are regularly tested to ensure that they meet the safety standards and acceptable chlorine levels for an adequate disinfection to neutralize virus. The resort will also be strict in enforcing guest hygiene practices, such as requiring a shower before entering the pool or usage of spa facilities, using hand sanitizer before using equipment and forbid anyone who is sick from using these facilities

Dine with Ease

Diners can now dine with ease, as all restaurants are adhering with strict guidelines adapting to the new normal such as; Sanitizing of restaurant areas after each meal period, including tables and chairs, proper implementation and strict supervision on all staff hygiene and sanitation policies, Checking of body temperature and all required measures prior to entering the work area , Providing required amenities for guests including but not limited to hand sanitizer, face masks, Implementation of safe distancing on outlets queue lines with visible markings and signs, Additional spacing between all tables and seating at a minimum of 6 feet apart with maximum seating of 4 people per table and Safe food practices as recommended, including providing well-cooked meats, and temporary removal of uncooked dishes in all restaurants.

As the New Normal continues to develop, Mulia Bali is committed to constantly adapting and implementing new and available technology or systems to ensure a safe environment, for all staff and guests.