Geert Vermeulen ; Executive Chef and FB Director of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa


You have been in the food industry for a very long time, working around the world. How did you know you were made to be in the kitchen? When did your passion for food begin?
I used to help my mother baking breads, making desserts and pancakes in our home kitchen.
I planned to become a pastry chef, but I was too late for the submission at school and started as apprentice in a hotel restaurant and continued my career as a cook.

What has your career timeline looked like? What has been some of your greatest challenges and successes?
Assisted my executive chef for outside and in house catering for up to 3000 guests at the Gran Melia Jakarta

If someone spent a day with you at work, what would it look like?
I like my job and do it in a funny way, will make him learn my knowledge about kitchen.

What’s the best part of your work?
My passion is to make guest satisfied, find new ideas, decorations and new dish on menu.

After long hours and long weeks in the kitchen, how do you avoid burning out? Where is your favorite place for vacation?
Relaxing at home, cooking, watching movies, enjoying time with my kids, and love to go fishing.

When you are not in the kitchen at the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, what do you cook at home for fun?
I like to cook anything, my favorite is still to buy my own fresh product and enjoy the food I cook. Love to grill seafood and meat with all condiments going with it.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Japanese food or beef tartar.

What do you do in your time away from the restaurant?
I like sport such as bicycle, running, fitness, tennis, fishing and cooking.

Coming from someone who has worked in many different spaces, what makes Maya Ubud Resort & Spa different?
Working with a great team, listening to their stories, contributes to their life.

In five years, where do you hope to be?
Create my own restaurant somewhere.