Gili Meno


Most of us are probably more familiar with Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three Gili Islands. However Gili Meno, Lying between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air is a natural gem of seclusion and not to be missed when travelling to this island cluster.

Gili Meno is a light footed 2 kilometres at its widest point and a delightful explorato- ry walk of less than 2 hours will take one around the whole island. Meno is the peace- ful island of the three Gilis and has a repu- tation for providing that oft sought tranquil get away destination for those looking to a break from life’s routines. This is the least visited island of the group and as such visi- tors here are spared the clatter and crush of more crowded tourist destinations.

This sleepy island can be reached by speed boat directly from Bali to Bangsal Harbour on Lombok Island and from there, a 10 minute island hopper will get one to Gili Meno. Transportation here on the island is restricted to cidomo (the local horse drawn carriage), bicycle or Shank’s Pony. There are no motorised vehicles on the island.
Snorkelling and diving are the main active attractions and excellent dive sites include the Gili Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point and Blue Coral Point. There are good snorkel- ling sites by the plenty. During daylight hours it is not uncommon the see turtles swimming close to shore and the clear water of the area provides visuals of giant gorgo- nian sea fans that rise up from colourful coral bases and their attendant marine life. Gili Meno has an interior salt-water lake and here some unique bird species can be viewed during an enjoyable wonder through the area. The island also sports a bird park where a wide range of Indonesian bird life can be seen.

The dining on Gili Meno is mostly through the services of local cafes where seafood is, not surprisingly, a speciality. For more elegant dining facilities the Reef’s Karma Beach Club at Gili Meno has a menu offer- ing a range of western and Asian dishes with a selection of locally caught seafood. Here at the Karma Beach Club guests may enjoy the use of day beds around a pool where bar and meal service is available or on the beach with a good book, a zephyr of sea breeze and the gentle lap-lap-lap of water on sand. For a quiet romantic sojourn, a relaxing break, diving, bush walking and tropical island tranquillity, Gili Meno has it all.