Going Green by Going Zero Waste

W Bali – Seminyak partners with Scholars of Sustenance (S.O.S) to reduce the hotel’s food waste to landfill. The innovative new charity operation collects and distributes surplus food to benefit people in need. Together with S.O.S, W Bali – Seminyak will help distribute unwanted food supplies to underprivileged children, while encouraging a cleaner and greener environment.

Scholars of Sustenance (S.O.S) is a non-profit Food Rescue Foundation and an international charity focusing on global food distribution issues. Their objective is to bring awareness to the younger generation in a meaningful way for communities in need.

Led by Director of Culinary, Chef Beryl Adler, W Bali’s culinary team will help prepare excess food items: meat, fruit, vegetables and bread and pack them in appropriate food grade containers. Every day at noon, S.O.S staff will pick up the food using a truck with a cooler box to ensure the food safety.

S.O.S in-house food hygienists will inspect the food on arrival and separate into edible and inedible food. From there, they will optimise the produce and prepare nutritional meals for the children. If the food is deemed inedible, it will be composted or given to low-income animal farms. S.O.S has a responsibility to thoroughly check and ensure that the food donated meets all health and safety standards and regulations.

“W Bali’s team is passionate to partner with S.O.S on this amazing program,” says Chef Beryl. “Having worked in many hotels around the world, I know firsthand how much waste can come from hosting large events. Having someone come collect the delicious food that we cannot resell and donate it to charities to feed locals in need is touching. I am proud to see the food leaving the hotel for a good cause. I hope everyone can take this program and integrate it in their own cities around the world to end hunger.”