Green Monkey at Sunset Beach Bar & Grill InterContinental Bali Resort

Green Monkey (1) Sunset Beach Bar & Grill at InterContinental Bali Resort has teamed with up with 2018 International Bartenders Association in Short Cocktails, Grétar Matthiasson, to create the exclusive Sunset Cocktails Collection. Taking inspiration from the abundance of tropical fruit on the island as well as selected ingredients from his native country of Iceland, Grétar crafted unique delectable drinks with a global twist. The mixology artist has invigorated the cocktail mix category with its high-quality standards following three principles: Eliminating high fructose syrup and unnecessary artificial ingredients; using natural fruits and juices; and developing perfectly balanced flavour profiles. The drinks also feature lighter spirits like rum and tequila that incorporate fruity and fizzy mixers as well as fresh herbs like mint and basil. Packaged in artfully designed glasses, the mixes and ingredients are available at an accessible price point. One of the new cocktails is Green Monkey, which is Inspired by the monkey statues around InterContinental Bali Resort and lush greenery of Bali, and using one of Grétar’s favorite ingredients: basil.