Gung Yoga Prawira is a multi-talented illustrator from Bali. His works have the weight of honesty, mixing anger with peace. His artistic imagination runs deep recurring motifs of skull that now becomes his identity. It was in the middle of a big racism issue when he decided to focus on drawing skulls. He was thinking about the anatomy of human being – we are all the same, we are just souls of skulls wrapped under the skin.

Besides illustrating, his love on art grows deeper through music – he plays drums and does vocal in a band called, Cyclops. He then created Skullism Records as a true movement of his passion.

Gung Yoga was always exposed to art since his early ages. Even before punk, he learned that art reveals truth – a therapy to him. He barely cares about perfection because for this 21-year-old guy, art is a freedom. His only intention is to relieve his troubled mind with some honest drawings. His styles and techniques ranging from black and white sketch with a bit add of color, pointillism to cross-hatching. For all the death, fear, and rage that coarse through his work, he is extremely amicable and outgoing.. His works have been tied to some bands on the island, for example: Natterjack.

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