HARRIS Hotel Seminyak Blissful Nyepi Package

To commemorate the Day of Silence (Nyepi) or the New Year according to Balinese calendar, which will fall on 28 March 2017, HARRIS Hotel Seminyak presents an amazing offer of 3D2N stay at HARRIS Room (or UNIQUE Room for paying a bit extra fee) inclusive of daily breakfast for 2 persons and also one-time lunch & dinner buffet on Nyepi Day. For most Balinese Hindu people, Nyepi is a day full of self-reflection and self-restraint – following the rules called Catur Brata Penyepian whereby no fire or lights, work or physical activities, traveling and having fun or making noises is allowed. Tourists can still do things normally as long as they don’t leave the hotel premises. This is the perfect time to see how it actually goes down in Bali as the island “turns off its switch” for 24 hours.

HARRIS Seminyak Facade_359