Hero’s Fun Day at Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s Hero’s Program pays homage to the local non-profit partners doing wonderful things for the community. This month, Hard Rock Hotel Bali hosted a fun-filled day with all the hard-working Hero’s for Scholars of Sustenance Bali (SOS) to recognise their noble efforts to help families in need throughout Bali.

The SOS Team spent the day participating in various team building activities including Pillow Fights, Surfboard Paddle Races, Walk on Water and Beach Volleyball. They also enjoyed a mouth-watering buffet for lunch at Splash Bistro, followed by a lucky draw giveaway featuring Hard Rock vouchers and brand merchandise.

“We have been one of the proud supporters of SOS Bali and wanted to treat Bo, Minni, and their team to a fun day together, away from their daily busy work schedules. At times, their tireless efforts in the community could be taken for granted, and we wanted to pay tribute to them and show our appreciation for what they are doing,” said Shane Coates, General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

“We are very grateful for the recognition of our hard work to care for locals in need. With the lockdowns and lack of tourists visiting the island, we share the same pain of the hospitality industry, as our food donations dried up completely. While we couldn’t quite keep up to provide 1.5M meals last year, our staff was still able to serve tens of thousands of nutritious meals to people. This year, we are approaching nearly one million meals and I am so proud of these staff achievements despite PPKM. Hard Rock Hotel Bali has been a great supporter of SOS and we thank them for organizing this event for our staff,” said Bo H. Holmgreen, Founder and CEO of Scholars of Sustenance

Scholars of Sustenance Bali (Yayasan Derma Atas Pangan) was founded in 2016 and is a food redistribution charity that collects unconsumed food from hotels and restaurants. The charity re-prepares the food in a nutritious way and distributes it to the needy in Bali.  SOS Bali encourages all youth to be actively involved in fighting hunger and reducing food waste while also helping their communities for a better future. If you want to help or find out more, please visit the website and socials at https://www.scholarsofsustenance.org/sosbali-indonesia