Hoshinoya Bali Reopens in Ubud, Bali Starting July 2021

With Covid-19 safety measures and protocols in place, combined with the highest level of hospitality, Hoshinoya Bali hopes to bring back a sense of well-care and comfort with its reopening in July 2021. Hoshinoya Bali continues to craft luxury travel experiences, now in consideration of new normal standards, and is committed to welcoming back guests to their home away from home, in Ubud, Bali.

Hoshinoya Bali continuously observes and incorporates government health regulations and guidelines into operations without compromising, but rather strengthen the overall atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. As a resort with personalized service, Hoshinoya Bali will create and recreate unique holiday experiences.

To mark its reopening, Hoshinoya Bali highlights offerings to rejuvenate the stressed body and mind post isolation, away from digital devises and reconnecting with nature. Guests can visit Hindu temples and shrines, stroll along terraced rice paddies, stay in the forest surround, cycle or hike, practice meditation, enjoy healthy food, and wander through the colorful streets of Ubud to reconnect with nature and experience the true essence of Bali. After exploring, retreat to your home away from home. Hoshinoya Bali provides a relaxing experience, allowing guests to feel in true harmony immersed in Bali’s nature, people and God.

Hoshinoya Bali, the first Hoshinoya property outside of Japan, has serene rice fields, verdant valleys, sacred Pakerisan River and the dynamic 1,000-year-old water temple network running through the property. Tucked in the Ubud jungle, the villas form a compound of separate pavilions inspired by traditional Balinese residence. Featuring design elements of plants, flowers, natural construction materials, and large open spaces, each villa has a terrace that leads to a semi-private pool with sparkling emerald water. Balinese traditional “Alang alang” and “Ulin” rooftops of the villas are alongside thatch-topped gazebos.