Ida Bagus Kesuma Udayana or widely known as Dapott is a 20 years young man with an extraordinary talent on painting and illustration. His personal works overflows with incredible illustrations. His distinctive illustrative style which were made with colored pencil and acrylic are both eye-catching and intriguing at the same time.


In the past 3 years, Dapott had made numerous of marvelous masterpieces. Those works usually illustrate abstract fibers that formed human anatomy composed with well mixed colors which he calls ‘pottism’—his own style of painting. Dapott emphasis on the shape of human body especially woman and infant’s expression that is simply resonate his love of this characters, while the fiber itself are based on nature elements such as mushroom and tree’s fibers. His paintings present a mind of never ending inspiration at midnight through astonishing touches.





Text by: Stephania Shakila Cornelia