InterContinental® Bali Resort as Official Partner of Oceanman 2022 Bali

World’s biggest open water swimming competition, Oceanman 2022 was being held on the 1st & 2nd July 2022 at InterContinental Bali Resort, Jimbaran Bali. The competition, which expected to be a post-covid-19 national tourism recovery, was attended by 481 participants, consisting of 386 local participants and 75 foreign participants from 14 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam with Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy, Mr. Sandiaga Uno attended and flagging up the competition as well as participated in 2K racing.

“We have prepared everything, from the equipment needed, the location of the racing to the technical. For this second event, Oceanman collaborated with Avatara, making it easier to implement. Preparations for internationally qualified judges, rescue teams, security teams and first aid kits are also finalized,” explained Felix C Sutanto and Albert C Sutanto as Project Owners of Oceanman Indonesia, who are also Founder and Head of Coach Millenniumaquatic Club.

And InterContinental® Bali Resort was honored to be appointed as official hotel partner of the event. “We have been preparing for almost 2 months. From promotion of the event itself to our property thorough readiness such as facilities, service and security to the coordination with all elements to ensure the event will run smoothly,” said Christoph Pouls, Resort Manager of InterContinental® Bali Resort. Furthermore, Christoph explained, “We are firmly believing that sports tourism has very potential to contribute to Indonesia’s tourism recovery, not only in terms of revenue but as well as publications and awareness. So many elements involved during an international sport event, thus it is crucial to start focusing on this kind of market segment. We believe our resort is very suitable to cater this kind of segment as we equipped with broad options of wellness & fitness facilities such as 1.5 Km Jogging Track, Indoor & Outdoor Gym, Tennis Court, 8 Swimming Pools compliment with certified yoga instructors, sport massage service and other facilities to support any sport related inquiry. We are hoping to become the official partner for this annual event in the future.”