Intercontinental Bali Resort is now enhancing the breakfast experience and embracing the Indonesian culture by serving ‘jamu’, a traditional Javanese herbal concoction that is believed to be beneficial in promoting health, fitness and beauty. The remedies are sold on the streets of Indonesia by Javanese jamu ladies, and to give guests a truly authentic experience, it is one of these ladies who makes and serves the jamu at InterContinental Bali Resort. Wearing the traditional ‘kain kebaya’ (sarong and kebaya blouse) and a conical hat, with a bamboo basket on her back filled with bottles of the blended medicinal tonics, the jamu lady, known as M’bok Jamu, moves from one table to another at breakfast time, offering and serving the jamu drinks, while also explaining the ingredients and the benefits. This tradition of carrying the jamu in a basket is called ‘jamu gendong’. All of the jamu drinks are freshly made each day by M’Bok Jamu using her traditional methods to ensure that guests at InterContinental Bali Resort can taste the best quality product.

Meanwhile, Club InterContinental guests can enjoy an additional new breakfast service in the Club Lounge, with the introduction of an interactive live cooking station. Here, guests can savour a selection of new items especially prepared in front of their eyes by the chef.

Dedicated cooking stations serve wholesome granola, nutritious mung beans, and healthy salmon gravlax. This new cooking station service is available exclusively for Club guests twice daily, at breakfast time and during the complimentary evening cocktail hours.

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