Interview with Agus Ardana, Director of Food and Beverage of The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali


Could you please tell us about yourself?

I’m smart and young and have been working in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. I love challenge and something new to improve myself and my career path.


What do you think about the F&B industry in Bali and what do you expect from it?

The F&B industry is growing very fast. We can see new hotels and restaurants opening up in Bali. This is actually good for us as we all aware that the main business in Bali is hospitality. In fact, the growth has a good impact toward the local farmers. I wish that the industry would equally grow in other area of Bali especially East and North of Bali.


Is there any update regarding F&B at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali

We have started developing our Sunset Session on the beach. With clean, white sands, semi-private beach and close to shopping malls and less traffic, our goal is to become one of the sunset destinations in Kuta.


Share with us the most memorable moment that has ever happened during your career

When I became the butler for the President of America, George W Bush, during his stay at The Ritz Carlton Doha – Qatar in 2004


What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

Brought a present “Balinese Pork Sausage (Urutan)” from my friend in Bali to Doha and I got inspected by the airport security at Doha. I said it was beef and finally the security man let me go because there was a very long line to get through the security.


If you could pick one place to be your dream destination anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


Private, Clean, Breeze, peaceful


What is your biggest weakness?

Dance! I’m Balinese but I can’t do Balinese dance


What do you do for fun during your day off?

Watching movie and playing with my kids


What do you see yourself in 5 years?

To become a General Manager at one of 5-star Hotels in Bali