Interview with Andry Kurnyawan, Marketing Communications Manager The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa

andry kurnyawamnPlease share a bit of your background to us, and what inspires you to pursue your career right now?

Graduated from a university in Malang city, East Java in Architecture, I started my career in 2004 by joining Planet Hollywood Bali then continued to join several hotels including The Westin Resort Nusa Dua (2005), Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta (2010), Mulia Bali (2012). In 2013, together with two PR friends we ran a PR & Marketing consultant along until 2017 before returning back to Hotel industry this year.

Bali is a home of hospitality where most of the opportunity comes from this field. In the meantime I have dedicated more than 10 years in this industry, which never crossed my mind before, especially PR and marketing. Somehow I realized this becomes my passion. Meeting and dealing with lot of people from different backgrounds and showing our creativity in presenting the products to make people like and want to buy it, bring an excitement to me and the reasons why I love this Job.


What is ‘happiness’ according to you?

Happiness is where we can live in equality between God, People and doing something that we are passionate about. Also it would be great if it could be useful and share to other people, starting from Family, Friends and surroundings.


If you can master one skill that you didn’t have right now, what would it be?

Piano; because I love singing, so I could play it while singing in Church and entertaining family and friends on special occasion.


As the Marketing Communication Manager of The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa, what would you do to maintain your brand and makes it stands out from the rest?

To strengthen the brand positioning and consistently highlight its unique selling points and send the message to public, also through marketing opportunity and brand activation that target the right segment/market.


What is the most favorite song that you love to sing the most?

Selections of Josh Groban, Don’t Give Up, just love the melody and lyrics with strong message to motivate us for not easy to give up


If you could pack your bag and go somewhere right now for holiday, where would you go?

Bhutan or Greece (Santorini), Morocco, those three places that I really want to visit badly, and rest on the top of my bucket list. The culture, heritage architecture, and nature there are over the top.


What is the last thing that makes you cry? (And why)

When my dad passed away; He is perfect role of mine in all aspects, such a great figure of father, teacher and awesome personality.


If you got the chance to live a day as world-famous celebrity, who would you pick?

Brian McKnight & Josh Groban. I am big of fan of these two artists because of their voices and music, yet they both can play piano as well.


Define your brand in three words!

Modern, Distinct and Friendly.

Modern with Its style concept, distinct with its various type of products while friendly is our hospitality & services.


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