Interview with Axel Jehangir – Executive Assistant Manager Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali


How do you feel to be appointed as the new Executive Assistant Manager of Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali?

 I’m really looking forward to taking on the position and working with a great team. This is a beautiful property with huge potential and is a joy to come to each and every morning.

It’s also a privilege to join a group such as Banyan Tree with fantastic expansion plans as well as positive career development opportunities.

What do you think it is that makes Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali stand out?

Banyan Tree Ungasan counts with a unique geographical location, the setting is simply stunning allowing guests to really enjoy and soak in a breathtaking scenery perched high up on natural cliffs with commanding views of the Indian Ocean right from their private pool villas – some of the biggest in Bali.

The facilities are intertwined with vegetation, blurring the separation between indoors and outdoors giving an immersive effect with nature. This really creates a peaceful environment in which guests can completely disconnect and enjoy all the property has to offer.

And of course, our kitchen counts with one of the best chefs of the island. Our menu and wines cater to the finest palates – I highly recommend a go at the iconic Ju-Ma-Na Restaurant.

I could go on and on with all our touch points but I rather leave it to readers to come and experience it.

What have been your greatest challenges and successes in your professional journey?

Every position and location has had its challenges and successes – I have faced both throughout my career but each one has allowed me to further develop skills to be better at what I do.

A challenge that I faced, and perhaps most hoteliers, is to adapt to new cultures, new teams, new people and of course new work locations. Having an open mind and the willingness to learn about the culture is key to your success.

What do you think is the most important part of ensuring a memorable and exceptional
experience of true luxury for guests?

 True luxury is in the details and the experiences we offer our guests.

Having accomplished so many things throughout your career, to whom do you owe your success

My parents, especially my mother had a very good work ethic. I was taught to work hard, avoid procrastinating and also keep a positive attitude.

Throughout my career I have worked with very experienced and patient GMs who have taught me how to always improve myself.

I am lucky to currently work with an experienced GM that I can learn even more from.

Do you have any dream destination? If so, where and why?

 It’s difficult to have a dream destination when you live in one! But I would say anywhere in nature. It really allows me to reboot. We tend to live increasingly disconnected to nature yet it’s important to maintain that connection and get a healthy green break. 

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

 Lots of sports. I stay physically active whenever I can get time to exercise.  

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

As one grows older one tends to be less risk averse, so I’m going to have to dig into my memory a few years back… shark diving, downhill mountain biking, motocross. I wouldn’t say anything crazy, just exciting.

What do you usually do if you’re not at work?

I like to relax and disconnect on the Golf course, and now in Bali I’ll be taking on Surfing. There are high chances you’ll find me either on the Golf course or at the beach surfing!