Interview with Chef Rachman Syah, Corporate Executive Chef Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC)



Tell us about yourself?

Family man, eager to try something new, not afraid to make mistakes and loyalty above everything else

What is your most memorable moment since being the Corporate Executive Chef of BNDCC? Tell us about your experience

The moment when there is visit from VVIP especially from the world leader, and they were very happy with our food and service

You must have met several world leaders/presidents in BNDCC. Tell us how you feel? Which one is your most favourite?

I felt very happy and proud because not everyone has an opportunity like me; Pak SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, RI 6th President) is my favourite.

What is the weirdest request of food that you had to make?

Still remember that Pak SBY asked for Nasi Goreng Kampung and Mr. Obama asked for Bakso. For me that was “makanan kampung” very traditional food and cheap, but they were very happy with the foods, and now become BNDCC’s iconic traditional food.

Have you ever thought of opening up your own restaurant in the future?

For sure, actually having a restaurant of my own is my big dream after I retire and beside to become a kitchen consultant.

Who has inspired you in life, and why?

The person who inspired me the most was my mother because from young boy I always helped my mother to cook, my parents also taught me of hard work and to be independent.

When did you realize your passion in culinary world, and what triggers it?

Before I chose to be in culinary world, I have tried several professions, and finally I decided the culinary world because it has bright future.

If you were not being a chef, what career choice would you pick and why?

I would like to be a teacher for the poor. So that I could help their children to have proper education.

What do you do for fun during your day off?

Cooking food for my family, going on vacation with my family, and just want to make my family happy because I rarely see them.

What is your most favourite food?

I really like Indonesian food and proud if Indonesian food will be known worldwide. My favourite is rujak cingur and gado-gado.

How do you want to be remembered?

Showing to everyone that we can achieve what we aimed for.  This is the key how people will remember, and I have my own descriptions for the word CHEF, it is stands for Commitment, Humble, Energic and Firm.

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