Interview with Doddy Obenk, Photographer

doddy obenkCould you share a bit about your background, and when did you choose to be a photographer? How it all started?

It all began in 1982, when my father gave me an old camera. At that time, I was taking lesson in drawing, but I couldn’t make one that good enough even though that time I really wanted to be a painter. I do really love visual arts, so then I found my passion in the world of photography.

Analog or digital photography, which one would you prefer, and why?

I would choose both, as they have their own uniqueness. My choice of them would depend on purpose, mostly for commercial works I use digital, for personal project sometimes I still use analog.

What is ‘photography’ according to you?

Photography is a part of life; it makes the world more beautiful and alive, and also one of the tools to express our feeling. Photography also serves as a medium to put our memory and feeling into timeless picture.

Is there any other art technique that you wish to implement in your photography?

There are a lot of visual ideas in my head that i want to implement at my photography, it’s a never ending learning process.

If you could change one law, what would it be ?

Law about time and space; there are so many things I want to capture, but time and space always limit me. Even with camera, we can only capture the image in certain numbers of frame.

Name one or two photographers that inspire you the most?

Lois Greenfield and Annie Leibovitz; Lois Greenfield is a dance photographer legend from whom I can learn how to express and communicate my feeling about movement, meanwhile I really like Annie Leibovitz works in portrait photography

What is the most memorable moment you ever had during your career as a photographer?

I got memorable moments when the audience and the subject matter can connect and inspire one another.

Any tips for new photographer who just started their career?

Just shoot everything you like.  

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