Interview with Estrella Arbellot, General Manager of HARRIS Hotel Seminyak Bali


As the General Manager of HARRIS Hotel Seminyak Bali could you share some distinctive features of the property that makes your hotel stand out from the other HARRIS in Bali?

The hotel is very charming, well maintained and has a fresh look to it. Our staffs are youthful and full of energy. Our Harrissimo restaurant serves excellent Pizza and Pasta and our guests could enjoy a massage at our Spa gazebo by the pool under the frangipani tree. Not to mention we are in a strategic area in Seminyak, one of the most popular areas to be where you can be sure that the tourists that flock to Bali never fail to visit.

What is the most memorable achievement in your career at hospitality industry?

It would be to be able to meet many people around the world and seeing their smiles after they stayed at our hotel. A satisfied guest really marks your day.

How do you cope with so many competitions in Bali these days? What is your hotel doing to stay competitive?

Competition makes me even more motivated to do well. I believe that when you are the only one, nothing excites you to do better. To stay competitive we benchmark ourselves against those above us and aim for the sky, try what the others have to offer and be honest to ourselves regarding where we stand and what we need to improve, constantly being true to our Brand but at the same time stay fresh and innovative as well.

What do you think your strongest personal quality is?

Persistency till I succeed

If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be?

There is no place like home! I am not from Bali but I am from Indonesia. I’d say Bali is most definitely a dream destination.

Can you share tips for women who would like to follow the same career path?

Work hard, stay strong and true to yourself. Be focused and remember to prioritize but don’t forget your family, your children and husband needs you too. Take care of your health, as you need double the effort and energy to juggle between work and family. In the end when it all works out you get 2 families, what a joy!

What do you do for fun during your day off?

Spend quality time with the family, be it at the beach or on the rice field.

If you had to live without Internet for a week, what would you do to keep yourself busy?

Catch up on some back of the house cleaning and go around the hotel to find new ways to make better and to bring in more business.
On the spare time, no internet for a week would have been the perfect holiday week. I would be doing nothing to keep myself busy.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Have my own boutique hotel/villas