Interview with Janick Couturier, Owner of Pronoia Hospitality

You have worked around the world at some incredible places, how did you get into the hotel/tourism industry? Why have you stayed in the industry as long as you have?

Yes, I started my journey in restaurant/ bar to afford my university and that’s where my passion for people started. I have worked in many different countries for some of the top 10 hotels in the world. I began my journey after finishing business school in Quebec City. I did need to learn English to be able to work in the business world so I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada where I spent couple of years learning English and putting some management skills at practice. Then I had the opportunity to move to Canouan Island in south Caribbean where I was managing a 5 diamonds restaurant for Raffles group. Remote Island that could be reached only by private plane, I made a good name taking care of peoples such as Di Caprio, Brad Pitt & family and others like Trump… After almost 3 years, I moved to Dubai to work for Burj Al Arab where I learned to combine quality and quantity while managing the most popular restaurant of Dubai, Pierchic. Then I moved to Miami/ New York but during the big financial crash so it felt through and I moved back home few months to re-energize. Ritz Carlton Cayman approached me to go handle their F&B so I took the challenge and move on.  After a while I got a call from Asia, Bali… As I did not have any experience in Asia, I decided to make the move to learn something new. From there I moved up the ladder for a company called Finns group… And now, my own business 

Can you explain what a “Digit Nomad” is and how you were able to make a life for yourself abroad?

“Digital nomads” is a vast terms. For me, it is people that as a strong feeling that there is much more out there to discover and decide to move abroad to do what they love while discovery new community of peoples. The biggest challenge at first was for sure “loneliness”. While my friends were jealous of my lifestyle, I could not talk to them about my challenges, as they could not understand the difficulties. Combine that with entrepreneurship and it’s an extreme harsh lonely time.

When did you become passionate about fitness and how did you manage to fit that into your passion for business?

To stay mentally sane, I started to train a lot to canalize my energy in something creative instead of falling back in “travel party life”. I started to train at 5am in the morning and very soon I realized that I was asking a lot to my body and that I needed to give him the best fuel out there. So I started to look at my food intake to be able to work through my days. From there I invested in a company for healthy meals and fitness. Combining that to my hotel background, you end up with a Working – Play – Nourish business 

How did you know you were ready to start your own business? What are the greatest challenges and greatest successes of Pronoia Hospitality?

I guess opening your own business is like having a baby, you’re never ready to do it but once its there you manage to do the best for it. For me pieces just felt at the right place at the right time and in no seconds I was operating my own businesses and from there the little idea as evolve and evolve to become today Pronoia. The main challenge of Pronoia actually has been my own brain hahaha. The fear, loneliness and the consistent thought to go back in a secure job, as been what did put at risk my business the most. A big success, as been to over come all those challenges and not give up… The greatest success is the daily journey of building it and keep looking forward. Learning to appreciate the journey is the most important success of the business and for me personally. 

Community has been a huge part of your growth and happiness as a businessman. How do you hope to create that sense of community with Pronoia Hospitality? 

Community is only a vibe shared by similar peoples. I am building a vibe surrounding what I love and automatically we are attracting what we are. We choose carefully our employee and partnership to reflect the same value of community, peoples who love teaching, learning and evolving vibe. From Work – Play – Nourish we are building a community center around those 3 elements and help each other to balance it well.

What is your favorite meal at Fitmeals by Pronoia? 

My favourite meals is when we do community BBQ and we get fresh fish from Jimbaran market and also vegetables from Bedugul . A meal made with passion and eaten in good company is always my favorite meals!

Out of all the countries you have traveled and lived, where is your favorite place to be? 

Boring answer, but each of them is a favorite depending on the timing and situation in my life. 

What is a day in your life like?

Work – play – nourish

I start my day very early, usually 5:30am-6am I am on computer as the first 3 hours are my most productive and where I have the most focus… Around 9am I will have breakfast while talking with peoples, then I’ll jump in gym for my first workout. After workout I would have lunch and rest a little before doing some socialization and meeting work in the afternoon, as it does not require so much focus. Then I will hit the gym again at end of day to release build up stress from the day. Shortly after I will spend time with my 2 favorite girls… My Pitbull and my other half! This is if we don’t go out for adventure like Volcano biking or freediving 😉

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Life is changing every seconds so I have a big adaptation capacity but my goal would be to have 5 other Pronoia locations like Vancouver Rockies, Africa, North Europe… etc

For someone seeking to start his or her own business, what is your biggest advice? What would you change about your career?

Do your diligence research on what you want to do, but don’t think too much and start the movements. Learn to know yourself, focus on your strength and build amazing products from there. It will comes easy as it’s your personality… Don’t waste too much time on looking at competitors, focus on your own games and capacity.