Interview with Jeremie Lannoy, Director of Marketing & Communication of W Bali – Seminyak


Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Belgian, coming from the French speaking part of this tiny country (hence the accent), and I joined W Bali – Seminyak as Director of Marketing & Communication. 

I worked in marketing pretty much all my life: 13 years in advertising agency between Brussels, Paris and Mexico City, before switching to hospitality a few years ago.  Then I worked in corporate roles and on property in Dubai, Oman, Jordan and London, before landing in beautiful Bali last August.

And when I’m not working, I’m a bit of a geek, I actually brought my PlayStation with me to Bali and I’m a CrossFit enthusiast.

 You must have worked with several hotels, what is unique about W Bali – Seminyak?

First of all, it’s a stunning property! It is by far the most beautiful hotel I’ve worked for! Then I think it’s all about this particular hotel manages to capture and render what it is to be a W: the New York City heritage, the passion for Design, Music and Fashion, the Whatever/Whenever service philosophy. W is my favorite brand for all of these things, it makes it a very unique player in the hospitality world, and this W is a perfect example of all of this while having its very own identity and personality.  

What do you enjoy most about working in the hospitality industry?

I’ve read once that people living in a foreign country see that country like no one else. We see it like the tourist will never do, and like locals don’t do anymore. Tourists don’t have the time to get to know the country like we do, and locals are used to things that are marvellous to us.

I always wanted to experience the world differently and hospitality gives me the opportunity to do just that, while doing a fascinating job, working with people from different horizons and meeting people from all over the world. I’ve said that a few times but there’s no doubt in my mind: it’s the best job in the world!

What is the most challenging thing in your current position you have experienced so far and why did you decide to work in Bali?

The most challenging thing in my job is to be sure to adapt to the culture of the people I’m working with. We all have different background, culture, habits and you have to be very aware of that when you arrive in a new position in a new country. You can’t manage someone from England the same way you manage someone from India, or from Indonesia; reacting the same way with everyone can lead to serious misunderstanding, the is the most challenging part of my job, but also a very interesting part of it!

Why Bali? Well I told you W was my favorite brand, and the W Bali is one of the best if not the best W, if you have the opportunity to work in this W, you take it!

And come on. We’re in Bali, one of the most beautiful places in the world!

If you could pick one place anywhere in the world to be your dream destination, where would it be?

That’s a though one! And I guess you won’t be satisfied with the W Bali being my answer!

Seriously, Bali was one of my dream destinations so that’s something ticked on my list I guess.

Otherwise, I love Los Angeles, I’ve been there many times and a part of my family lives there. Oman also remains close to my heart, as it is one of the most beautiful and welcoming places on earth!

 Share with us the most memorable moment that has ever happened during your career?

I’ve worked in the reopening team of the Sheraton Oman, a hotel that had been closed for 10 years for renovation! It was very special because the hotel is still the highest building in the country, with 14 floors, and was one of the first 5 stars’ hotels when it was built in the 80s. It was the earth of the social fabric of the city for years, and the people we met, were all telling us how important this place had been and how they missed it being open.

So the day we finally reopened and it came to life again, it was a very special moment! There were a lot of emotions, of souvenirs being shared and we were all very proud. It’s amazing how a hotel can be so important in a city and being part of it was a unique experience.

Describe yourself in three words

Adventurous, geek, chatty

  What is your most favourite Indonesian food?

The babi guling! I love pork. The only thing I miss from home is some pork meat we do in Belgium. So pork dishes pretty much always win!

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Probably jumping out of a plane in perfect condition! I was living in Dubai and one of my friends was a sky diving instructor. One morning he called me and said: this afternoon you jump with me, so I did. It was on top of the Palm in Dubai and just in front of the tower where I was living so quite unique!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Is this a job interview? (joke)

Five years ago I was in Dubai, since then I lived in Oman, Jordan and the UK before landing in Bali, so honestly … I have no idea!

But I could definitely stick to Bali for a moment: it’s a great place to live, I have the best job in the world, so why not here?